15 Ton 100 Foot Double Girder, Double Trolley Install.Installation

Installation, Advantage Crane Service can safely and efficiently install your overhead crane system. Our knowledgeable installers will get the job done with the least amount of disruption to your facility.

  • With our staffs combined technical experience and expertise, there is no other company with the skill and knowledge to effectively and correctly install any crane system as safely and efficiently as we do.
  • Advantage Cranes will work with our customer to build a game plan and overcome issues and problems quickly to reduce down time and production interference.
  • We will answer any and all questions & train you and your operators in the proper use and care of your new equipment to ensure your understanding of its capabilities and functions.
  • Our installers will complete your New Crane system then after adjustments, troubleshooting, & Load Test, hand you the control so you may use your new asset as intended.
  • We will also offer regularly scheduled Inspections & Preventative Maintenance of your new Equipment (and existing) to ensure continued performance, reliability, and dependability for many years.
  • Cranes, Hoists, Jibs, Monorails, Air Systems, Lighting, Controls, Radio Controls, Upgrades, Free Standing Systems, Work Stations, Tool Balancers, Festoons, What Ever You Need To Improve Safety and Production.
  • Scheduling is no problem as we can work any shift and any day including Weekends & Holidays if needed.
  • Our Parent Company Ace World Companies can Engineer a Custom System that meets your needs.

Give us a call at (800) 940-6952 to schedule a walk through and to discus your needs.

New Cab Installation



We are a very driven company that wants to treat our customers right by providing great service. Helping out with any maintenance needs, or projects you might have. If you ever have any concerns you my call me directly. We would like to thank you up front for the opportunities that you send our way.

John Terry

Director Of Operations




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